How to use Seg 101 Site

The Seg 101 site is still basically under construction.  We are continually updating or making major changes as the Segmenter101 Project and viki evolves. This page is basically guiding you through the site so you will know where to find what you are searching for.

The first stop is the menu.  To access the menu click the three lines.



After clicking the menu bar, the menu appears.



Clicking on the name or + sign will drop down the sub menu.


 Pages on site key for trainees/newbies/greenies.

Many pages on the site were created to help guide you through the Seg 101 program.  A quick reference to use.  The Newbies Handbook contains a multitude of information to use as guide or quick reference.  The Newbie/Greenie Chatroom is also on the sub menu of the Newbies Handbook.  This is where you post weekly about your training activity with Seg 101.



One of the important topics that will be used to get your video reviewed is the Video Review Request.   You will click on your specific pv/rpv to post the request.



Request PV/RPV: